Water Cooler System
Commercial Water Cooler
Premium Drinking Water

The Eversoft Commercial Water Cooler provides great tasting filtered water. The push button dispenser can instantly provide chilled (38°) or hot (138°) water. For additional safety, this unit also includes a hot water lock button and an automatic leak detection shut off valve.

Our commercial water cooler eliminates:
  • Lifting heavy bottles
  • Running out of bottled water
  • Unsanitary drinking water supply
  • Storing large quantities of 5 gallon bottles
Our two step filtration process removes turbidity and neutralizes bacteria using the latest in ultra violet technology. This results in crystal clear, clean, fresh water.

The attractive design of our cooler is perfect for any office, lobby, break room, or other locations where an endless water supply is needed.
UV Disinfection 3 button design Easy cleanup